RASCI model

The RASCI (also known as RACI) model is commonly used in business to define responsibilities and accountabilities for projects and during an organizational  change process.

RASCI is an abbreviation for:            

R  =  Responsible – owns the problem / project

A  =  to whom “R” is Accountable – who must sign off (Approve) on work before it is effective

 S  =  can be Supportive – can provide resources or can play a supporting role in implementation

=  to be Consulted – has information and/or capability necessary to complete the work

I  =  to be Informed – must be notified of results, but need not be consulted

The technique is typically supported by a very simple tool – the RASCI chart.

otherWise uses RASCI and helps its customers to use this simple but powerful technique. otherWise believes that each organisation should be aware of benefits of using this technique because of its very important goal – a simple model of a flow of information.