Carry-On methodology

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” Henry Ford

This is a foundation of this methodology. We divide a project, select the most important fields and concentrate on the most valuable tasks to be sure that our work makes sense, goals are to be reached as soon as possible and the project may start earning money for investors in the shortest possible time.

otherWise is focused on accomplishing projects rather then management. We specialize in supporting telco and IT implementation projects and process improvement projects. We found out that business requirements and market environment change so quickly that telco and IT project must be implemented very fast, even with a smaller documentation and a more agile management. In our opinion there is no point in implementing a big system at once, it may make the system outdated before the end of the implementation. The Carry-On methodology describes the minimum effort that must be done for a smooth and linear progress of the project, reducing of the risk and keeping the focus on goals of the project. The Carry-On is a complete set of rules, examples, best practices and modern powerful tools for rapid project accomplishing.

More about Carry-On:

  1. Genesis.
  2. Investors’ point of view.
  3. Main features.
  4. Tools.
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