The call center system of your dreams.

Imagine that you don?t have to pay for your new call center equipment. The whole hardware, the whole software is for free and you choose what you want. What is it going to be?

Now let?s imagine that you could choose the car of your dreams. Whatever you want. A limo, a super fast coupe, a huge and powerful SUV, an agile and shiny cabriolet? What car would you like to own? It is not a gift you could sell, but this is a car that is going to be your only car for 5 or 10 years. But you don?t have to think about the price, all the cars are for free, choose one.

There is one car I really dream about. I really love it. It is shiny, it is fast, powerful, it is de luxe but I don?t think I would like to receive it. There is a difference between having money for a very expensive car and receiving a very expensive car. There are some cons of such situation. The car must have an insurance policy and must be fuelled, from time to time it must be serviced and maybe repaired. And it is possible that I could scratch it or break the lamp.

It is expensive to service expensive cars. And a car of my dreams is really expensive. This was a gift but I must pay all of theses services by myself. And this is the only car I have and no one wants to buy my really expensive used car. I am afraid that this car may spend the rest of its life parked.

Taking all of this into account I think I would like to receive something different. Thinking about such a gift I’d prefer a car that meets all my major needs and suits my work and is accurate for my family. It would be great if I could ask for a very functional and economic car. I don?t want to spend too much money for services and wait for spare parts whenever I need to visit the garage. Yes, I prefer something reliable with a moderate fuel consumption. Very prosaic dream, isn?t it?

OK, this is more or less the problem of TCO. TCO is also a term that shows the bright site of the grim reality.

Let?s imagine that you have an unlimited budget for your new call center equipment. What would you choose? What is the call center system of your dreams?

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