otherWise offers following services based on Carry-On methodology:

Mentoring – an assistance of an experienced project manager. The mentor is to help a project manager, especially in critical situations, not to lead a project. The mentor can act as mediator, improve motivation of team, suggest solutions, share his/her experience.

Contract project management – a management of the project by an external expert. The project manager is typically reporting to both sponsors: customer and supplier and his/her task is to achieve goals of the project in an optimal way.

Access to Carry-On toolsotherWise offers a preconfigured system of Carry-On portal for project teams. A configuration includes all accounts, roles and selected tools. otherWise takes care of all administrative tasks, necessary trainings and support. This is to allocate time and effort of the teams to speed up project tasks instead of proceeding administration operations.

Trainings and workshops – standard and personalised trainings and workshops for different professional groups. Workshops can also be arranged as e-learning classes.