Carry-On methodology includes:

The project portal – a complete project management supporting system with web interface:

  • A controlled access to all Carry-On materials, e.g. manuals, instructions.
  • A controlled access to a documentation of a project. It allows to distribute information in a proper way and to control users (team members) activities in projects. Some work flow tools are included (e.g. confirmation of deliveries, time sheets, watchdogs, alarms, automatic reports of a traffic).
  • A repository of documents – the only source of always actual documents.
  • A calendar – a shared calendar, project tasks, calendars of members of teams, time planning tools.
  • A virtual meeting room – collaboration environment, application sharing.
  • Forms – digital forms of project office tasks and electronic information exchange. Data collected with the forms becomes a part of the repository.
  • Rules – a collection of topics that must be done to manage projects in a successful way .

Techniques and tools – the simple tools to serve main tasks with minimum possible efforts.

Examples and good practices – easy to use examples.