Call centre’s excellence


To rise the excellence of a call/contact centre.

A call/contact centre is a fascinating place for otherWise. On one hand it is very similar in each enterprise, on the other hand, it is always very specific and unique. People and work they do in call centre departments are very often underrated though their work may be crucial for the organisation. The call centre department is a knot of key business processes, the platform of true real-time operations. In many cases the call centre is the most important, the most powerful interface between an enterprise and a market. Otherwise, call centre is people with different positions, characters, abilities, ambitions and goals. All those people are under pressure of many rules, targets, regulations and training programs of different levels of accuracy and efficacy.

This astonishing department can operate better or worse. otherWise experts can take care of organisation of operations, effectiveness of business processes and tools and equipment accuracy in call centres. We can improve the excellence of the call centre department by:

  • Pointing sources of problems and possible solutions,
  • Improvement of call centre operational effectiveness by professional call centre management,
  • Safe and cost-effective development of call centre department,
  • Formulation of optimal rules and methods of recruitment for particular call centre department.