Main features

The main features and advantages of Carry-On methodology are:

Carry-On is realistic. The methodology:

  • was built neither for military nor public administration projects.
  • was built by business professionals and is based on their experience.
  • takes into account limitations and values of assets, especially the limitations of time.
  • assumes delays, misunderstandings and changes as natural in each project and manages them as tasks, not risks.
  • uses fusion logic methods for evaluation of progress of projects.

Carry-On is natural. The methodology:

  • benefits from natural 80/20 rule.
  • underlines the role and position of the project manager.
  • takes into account a modern psychological profile of members of project teams.
  • advocates partnership.
  • takes into account the lack of time, specialists and other assets.
  • takes into account occurrences of problems and effects of risks.
  • takes into account ordinary business and office tasks of members of teams and competitive projects.

Carry-On is complete. The methodology:

  • covers social aspects of project management: takes into account interpersonal relationships, characteristics of different professional groups and an influence of an environment of a project.
  • supports management in critical situations – Carry-On is equipped with tools and good practices tips.
  • calculates the risk of projects based on all members of a project.
  • simplifies negotiations.
  • suggests simple, reasonable and effective methods for acceptances and payments (typical in IT and telco implementation projects).

Carry-On is efficient. The methodology:

  • concentrates on common goal, not on procedures.
  • takes into account that rapid effects are motivative for teams and sponsors of projects.
  • builds responsibility and involvement showing goals and values of a whole project and underlying a role of each member rather than focusing people on their own tasks.

Carry-On is ecological. The methodology:

  • reduces bureaucracy, which increases effectiveness.
  • requires the use of electronic channels (e.g. the portal) and eliminates paper documents.
  • recommends natural oral communication to reduce the amount of documents and to speed up teams.
  • all documents are stored in central repository, not in traditional files.

Carry-On is reusable.

  • The completeness, structure and clarity of digital documentation of projects makes reuse very simple, e.g. for ISO900x certification.
  • The documentation can be used as a foundation of a support system for final users.
  • The documentation can be easily transformed into the database of an expert system or a knowledge base.
  • The tools of Carry-On portal can be integrated with legacy intranet system.