Investors’ perspective

The Carry-On methodology takes into account investors’ point of view. Carry-On is a member of a group of agile methodologies which are designed to concentrate on reaching business and investment goals of a project.

Carry-On assumes that each project is an investment and its investor expects the highest possible return on investment in the shortest possible time. It means that integration and implementation projects should start earn money, on savings or extra profits, as soon as possible. The investors do not care how many forms were completed but they do care of economical effect. And Carry-On was invented to cover the niche of methodology that addresses needs of investors. The Carry-On methodology is the only system with built-in mechanisms of typical project risk reduction. Carry-On is methodology for investors, businessmen and executives.

Accordingly to Carry-On terminology, investors act on both sides of contracts. Investors are not only customers but also suppliers because both parties invest their assets (e.g. time, money, the best available people, reputation etc.) and expect revenues. Both sides are aware of risks and may decide to stop an unpromising project.