Filipides Greek

Filipides Greek is said to run from Marathon to Athens in 490 B.C. to deliver a message. According to a legend he died in a gate of Athens just after he had screamed ?Victory!?. And this is how he became a history.

Many years later Mr. Alexander G. Bell invented the telephone, delivered a message and become a part of the history as one of the biggest inventors.

Filipides died of exhaustion. Otherwise Bell changed the word and built his fortune.

jogging05_400In my opinion, it is nice to go for a jog from time to time and it is a great success to complete a marathon run. But this is not the best way of delivering messages. You can work hard or you can work smart. And how you want to become a history: exhausted or happy.


This post is inspired by one of the lectures of CRM GigaCon 2009 conference.

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